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Such parameters include: The amount of cores, the amount of simultaneous threads which can run on a core, the sizes of the internal memories and caches and the network on a chip topology. Genetic algorithms are commonly used to generate high-quality solutions to optimization.

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They rely on on bio-inspired operators such as mutation, crossover and selection. The purpose of this project is to implement a genetic algorithm to solve the channel routing problem. A group in Intel is working on x86 test content optimization and creation using ML techniques. The next stage of the project is to create new content automatically by learning from legacy content since x86 is backward compatible, huge legacy is available to learn from.

Test optimization refers to the compilation of a test suit that achieves the Categories: Digital Software.

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Ordered data structures that index string keys are widespread, and provide the backbone for databases. Lookups on such data structures e. When searching for a certain key, most comparisons are thus likely to determine the result bigger or smaller quickly.

Many string implementations Implementation of a Static Timing Analyser. Static timing analysis is a crucial step in VLSI circuit design.

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It is used for validation of circuit timing requirements so that the manufactured circuit works correctly with pre-defined clock frequency. Static timing analysis is performed in different stages of VLSI design process, starting from logic description of the circuit and up to the full circuit with implemented placement and routing.

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In this project, students will implement a simplified timing Interconnect Stage Calculator and Visualizer. The performance of integrated circuits is one of the most important design objectives in modern VLSI design. Project description: Layout is the physical representation of VLSI circuit, in which all kinds of electronic devices — transistors, capacitances, resistances as well as interconnects are represented by rectangular polygons made of different materials used in semiconductor technology: different kinds of doped silicon, metals and insulators.

For example, a layout of CMOS inverter is shown in the picture below. Placement Using an Artificial Neural Network.

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The first steps in the physical design of VLSI chips are partitioning and floorplanning. Partitioning is the process of dividing the chip into smaller pieces so that each piece is easier and faster to run. Floorplaning is the process of providing a shape to each piece so that the sum of the pieces is the entire chip and there are no overlaps. Skip to Main Content.

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