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Had this been my introduction to Richard Phillips, I would have stopped here. This book can't decide if it is sci-fi, spy novel, adventure novel or romance. Just could not get engaged. Nov 06, Ian rated it it was ok. The constant references to the past along with the miraculous alien technology that solves any challenge made this , for me, a boring read. Jun 06, Bob Miller rated it it was ok.

This is not a complete story. There is no ending in this book.

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As a chapter in a longer saga, it was OK. Mar 07, Cathy Ryan rated it it was amazing Shelves: sci-fi-fantasy , thriller. Although this is the first of the Rho Agenda Assimilation trilogy, the books do follow on from the Rho Agenda Inception and the Rho Agenda series, both of which give lots of insight into the development of the characters and, of course, fill in the previous storylines.

During the battle to stop the Kasari Collective entering through the gateway built by Dr Stephenson, and invading Earth, Jennifer Smythe opts for what she sees as the only possible course of action. This results in the Rho ship, wi Although this is the first of the Rho Agenda Assimilation trilogy, the books do follow on from the Rho Agenda Inception and the Rho Agenda series, both of which give lots of insight into the development of the characters and, of course, fill in the previous storylines.

This results in the Rho ship, with only herself and Raul Rodriguez trapped aboard, being thrust into deep space and light years away from earth, sending them en route to an inhabited planet. Desperately needing supplies and repairs to the ship, Jennifer and Raul land on Scion only to confirm their fears the Kasari Collective are in the process of naturalizing the inhabitants.

A new alliance has been born replacing the UN. The ending of Wormhole book three in the original trilogy left a lot of unanswered questions which I was hoping would be addressed in a continuation of the story. Some details were answered in the Inception series, and other political and character driven story arcs are now seamlessly extended with The Kasari Nexus.

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Two parallel action packed plot lines, bringing in new and old characters, combine in an exciting and fast moving opening instalment to the third trilogy in this amazing series. The focus shifts between each scenario leaving mini cliffhangers which add to the tenseness of the narrative. What began basically as a series with young adult protagonists has evolved into a full-blown sci-fi thriller with exceptionally well developed, complex and unforgettable characters. A descriptive, compelling, well written narrative with some surprising twists.

Best Rho book yet! Already enjoying the Altreian Enigma. Only downside to this book in audio format was the change in narrator. No offense to this person but I found the female voices somehow "wrong". Also, the kids' dads sounded like rednecks and not remotely what I'd come to expect. Don't worry though. Your skills are evident. I am just familiar with the voices noted previously and the change is moreso what is unacceptable. In some ways you were an improvement as well, though minorly as MacLeo Best Rho book yet!

In some ways you were an improvement as well, though minorly as MacLeod does a fantastic job already.

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Confusing Three percent in I had to bail. This was supposed to be book 1 but it starts mid action in a situation with no backstory. It goes on and on and I'm told it's a wormhole on a ship, then it's in a New Mexico lab and back to a ship without any other explanation. If it's a continuation of a series, that's fine but a novel has to introduce a lot of background to make sense of the action.

I was very confused and it might be a great book but I couldn't make sense of it. It took me over a year to actually read this book. I read it on Kindle instead of my usual audio only because the narrator of the audio book series changed to someone who was utterly terrible.

Unfortunately this made me loose my enthusiasm but I still enjoyed the book.

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A book about alien races, augmented humans, AI , government conspiracy, interstellar war, assassins and technology. The hero's were sorely tested, and still won over extreme odds. The story has all of our hero's getting into more adventures and against all ods, and with the help of their friends pulled off one escape from danger only to go on with more.

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Exciting reading, great writing and fun for the reader. Color me impressed! Wow my fist dive, and I wanted to stay submerged. Apparently their r some previous books , lol, but my first. Characters r very developed and continue growing here. I'm hooked, let's kick some kasari butt on scion ,then get back to earth and teach them what warrior planet looks like! The Kalahari nexus Continuing enjoyment of a series that has been well written from the beginning and holds your interest from one section to the other.

I don't think I've read a series more consistent in its movement from one crisis to the next with logical transitions based on the developed characters and some scientific facts. Another great read from Richard Phillips.

Kasari Nexus by Richard Phillips

On Earth, the nations are uniting to rebuild the wormhole gate. Of course. Mark and Heather are trying to prevent this. This book feels more like science fiction than the others, mostly because an Alien race has interaction with Humans. Of course, this wouldn't be a Rho Agenda book if there wasn't a fight between Jack Greggory and a hostile group. May 13, Maria rated it liked it Shelves: science-fiction-fantasy.

The Kasari Nexus by Richard Phillips

Difficult to get into, mainly because of Raul's horrendous physical problems, but on persevering, the book eventually sucks you in so that you want to read the second in the series. All the characters from the first six Rho books are present. The book switches between players relentlessly until you catch onto the rhythm. Aliens like us Nothing like an intergalactic, inter species war with advanced science indistinguishable from magic, to capture the reader's attention.

After being reminded this series continued, I wondered if I would remember the story and characters. The characters built partially on the previous books, but also fairly easy to recall and possibly pick up here. Excellent read!

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What a great read! I am just about to start the next instalment; my only complaint is I get very little sleep as I can't seem to stop listening. I am glad the narrator has remained the same throughout as it keeps the continuity going. Another great book in. I heartily recommend it with the rest of the series.

The story feels like it was assuming a back story that should have been known to the reader. The book starts halfway through a story which makes it a little disjointed. Get Your Free Audiobook.

The Kasari Nexus: Rho Agenda Assimilation, Book 1 (Unabridged)

Written by: Richard Phillips. Narrated by: Alexander Cendese. Length: 10 hrs and 57 mins. Publisher's Summary Jennifer Smythe escapes Earth's invasion by the insidious Kasari race, hijacks an alien starship, and survives the deadly passage through a wormhole. But escape is short-lived What members say. No Reviews are Available.

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Steve Still enjoying the story line Andressa W. I have a huge regret Farall The Rho Agenda Goes Off Planet Picking up immediately after Wormhole ends, Phillips takes his sci-fi to a whole new level. Dubi Marcus Kellermann Good story terrible Narrator Would you recommend this audiobook to a friend? The other books in this series read by MacLeod Andrews were great, and then they changed narrators, What a shame How could the performance have been better?

Desmond Aliens with British and Scottish accents..??? Desmond Desjarlais Brian Great story but terrible narration I listen to about a book a week, and have listened to all of the other Richard Phillips books in this series. Kyle Please bring back the old Narrator! Patrick j Mann It gets even better This book is sure to win awards. Show More. Chris Great continuation from the previous series.

Mark If Jack is willing to act as a human host for this dark figure, he lives. Jack takes the deal. The world is wrong. In Switzerlan In , an alien starship fell from the New Mexico sky -- and immediately vanished behind the walls of the Los Alamos Laboratory. We use cookies to ensure the best user experience at FictionDB. By continuing to browse our site you are agreeing to our use of cookies per our User Agreement.

Book List: 15 titles. Rho Agenda - 2. Rho Agenda - 3.