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2nd Edition of the One Planet Summit (New York – 09.26.18)

Strong leadership is needed urgently. We must use every opportunity — including the One Planet Summit and the high-level session of the United Nations General Assembly — to mobilize world leaders for ambitious and immediate climate action.

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The facts are clear and alarming: climate change continues to move faster than our efforts to address it. We must all do far more in order to win this race for our future.

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Commitment to climate action is strong, investment is growing, and the Paris goals are within our reach. But we need to accelerate progress. The public and private sectors must work together more effectively to coordinate policy reforms that boost investment. This will help us create new markets for climate action, especially in the developing countries that need it most. Scholarship Value Under the terms of this scholarship, students will receive a waiver of school fees for their first semester of study, plus a one-off payment of 50 CZK about EUR as a contribution towards living costs.

School fees for the second semester of study will not be waived. Applications should be sent to the Manager of the International Office find the address here.

IRENA Handbook on Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMAs), 2nd Edition

All documents submitted must be originals and written in the English language, or accompanied by certified translations. How do the former Soviet republics that now constitute the Commonwealth of Independent States CIS interact with each other and with other regional and world powers? What are the conceptual foundations, mechanisms, and main directions of each member state's foreign policy?

What role do economic and political factors play?

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Among the contentious issues that come into play in relations between Russia and the other post-Soviet states, security concerns are arguably at the top of the list. Ruth Deyermond explores the linkage between post-Soviet security politics and the development of state sovereignty in the region, focusing on Russia's interactions with Ukraine, Georgia, and Belarus.

What is hybrid warfare? And what role does information play in today's conflicts? Political parties typically are assumed to be essential for contemporary democratic government and governance.

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Why, then, has the regime change in Russia failed to produce viable political parties? Grigorii Golosov addresses this question, exploring issues central to an understanding of Russian political development. Gould engages the core debates on privatization.

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Does democratic development facilitate effective capitalist reform, or vice versa? How do political legacies shape privatization choices? Is simultaneous transition feasible?

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The sudden arrival of massive energy wealth during Putin's long reign has turned Russia's focus to resources, with some good and some very bad results. A full reckoning of Nikita Khrushchev's accomplishments and failures cannot be complete without looking beyond his foreign policy initiatives to assess his efforts to introduce domestic policy reforms in the Soviet Union. Why has political corruption emerged as a major obstacle to successful democratic consolidation in Eastern Europe?

Exploring the origins, scope, and impact of political corruption in the region's post communist states, Tatiana Kostadinova identifies the factors that favor illicit behavior and considers how the various forms of malfeasance are threatening democracy. The strategically pivotal Russian Far East—a vast expanse stretching from Lake Baikal to the Pacific Ocean—is notable not only for its rich natural resources, but also for the economic challenges, internal dissent, and risks of foreign encroachment that it faces.

Despite the deployment of NATO forces in Kosovo and the UN's direct involvement in governing the province, such terrors as murder, disappearances, bombings, and arson have become routine occurrences.