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The Qing Dynasty was the last ruling dynasty and was then followed by the Republic of China. Austen would have begun to see rapidly increasing world trade after the Napoleonic Wars. More silk, tea and ceramics would have begun to come to Europe from China with the opening of the trade routes. Also Dream of the Red Chamber was published and it is generally acknowledged as the greatest of the classical Chinese novels. The book details the life and social structures of typical 18th-Century Chinese aristocracy. Like Austen this novel was concerned with class structures and social norms.

It became an anti-Manchu uprising toward the Jiaqing Emperor. The Rebellion caused the death of some 16 million people. Catherine successfully murdered her husband and took the throne. Alexander I followed Napoleon out of Russia and chased him into Paris where Napoleon finally declared defeat. In the Congress of Vienna met to discuss issues that arose from the wars.

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The Congress of Vienna became the model for the League of Nations and the United Nations because of its goal for peace by all parties. Film adaptations of her other novels have been numerous and spanned decades — the can be found at imdb. Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen has been adopted multiple times for both television and film. Kate Winslet and Emma Thompson starred in a popular film adaptation in , while three serial television shows, a UK version , one US version and a BBC version followed.

In fact, a Latin version of the canonic novel is set to arrive in Official music samples from the cast can be found on their myspace website here. Courtesy of PBS, hosted by youtube. UI Victorian Wiki.

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Pages Blog. Child pages. Jane Austen--Sense and Sensibility. Browse pages. A t tachments 9 Page History. Jira links. Education has been theirs in so much higher a degree; the pen has been in their hands.

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I will not allow books to prove anything. Topics for Discussion. Themes of Sense and Sensibility Truth vs. Realism Romanticism was a reaction to Neoclassicism, and focused on the spiritual and the power of emotion. Austen focuses on the good aspects of both the romantics and the realists, and it is reflected well in the dichotomy of Sense and Sensibility. The romantic characters include Marianne and Willoughby, who were about excess, emotions, indulgence, and no reserve. The realistic characters include Elinor and Edward, who used common sense, propriety, selflessness, and rationality.

Marriage Market Marriage is seen as a binding contract rather than a love match. Jane Austen's novel shows the implications of considering marriage as a market rather than a match. It is all about the advantage of the match within society. A good match within the novel has nothing to do with love but companionship. A companionate marriage is considered the "best" type because the couple is friends and the relationship is suppose to last longer than a love match, like the marriage of Marianne and Colonel Brandon.

Romantic love was suspicious, as it was seen as not based on true compatibility. By having logical, companionate marriages, London and therefore England itself would be in balance. The market was an economic register, always balancing the individual against society.

Social Order The social order within the novel keeps each person within their proper role within society. Each character is subjugated to a certain role, which is especially evident with women.

Women could not own property or hold a job, otherwise they would not be able to maintain their status within society. Even in the situation where Mrs. Dashwood must rely on the kindness of others to maintain their living she cannot get a job because then her daughters would not be able to marry within the social class. Class in the 19 th century England was a hierarchy with the upper families at the top, the middle classes, then the working class, and finally the impoverished.

Review: Love and Freindship by Jane Austen

The middle class is where Austen bases most of her novels, including Sense and Sensibilit y. They were able to live without working, and this class included skilled business owners. The working class was the largest section of the pyramid, which included many agricultural jobs. It was this class that inherited titles, like the ones disputed over at the beginning of Sense and Sensibility. Class was about birth and marriage. Marianne mocks the rule set forth for women and breaks out of what is proper, while Elinor seems to know what is proper in society and tends to follow that set of limitations.

This is especially evident when Marianne falls for John Willoughby and takes his intentions for her to the point that she jeopardizes her own reputation. It appears as though she values integrity and the self-aware. Gender There are many gender issues within the novel that are explored such as the fact that women cannot own property, and they are expected to marry and settle down with a man who can take care of them.

Women cannot have a career or follow a different path than social. She is consolidated under her husband — essentially the woman is property of the man. A man of the time period could simply accuse her of adultery to get a divorce. He owns all of her legal property, and she has no legal right to her own children. The only goal for a woman was to have a husband, and while femininity was valued with women — masculinity was valued with men.

Lady Susan by Jane Austen

Expectations vs Reality Within the novel Marianne has a lot of expectations which seem to lead to a reality eventually within the novel. At first expectations lead to unfortunate consequences but in the end reality takes over and the novel ends happily, yet perhaps not exactly as Marianne had envisioned. Discussion Questions. Form is Content.

Sense and Sensibility Chapter 15 Summary

Marianne is talking to her mother, after hearing Edward read, and saying that she could never fall in love with a man who would not be animated when reading Cowper. She then compares herself and Elinor and realizes that although she does not like how Edward read, Elinor is the one interested in him, not she. It implies that upon education, women will no longer find the average man to be enough for them. Marianne made this remark after hearing that Mr.

Willoughby danced from eight till four, and was up the next morning at eight to hunt. Marianne is a passionate person, and so she wishes to find a man just as passionate as she. This quote is exactly what Marianne feels about herself, and finding someone that might live their life the same was she does, makes her a step closer to finding someone she can love.

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This is a good example of one side of the extreme in the novel; living life only with the senses, and not enlisting in any sensibility. Marianne is observed upon coming down to dinner. She recently found out that Willoughby is leaving town, and that their separation is most likely final. She is heartbroken and allows herself to be carried away by her pain. Instead of attempting to deal with it, and move past the hurt, she allows herself to wallow.

She has no desire to control her emotions and so she can not control when she will be overcome by her emotion.