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Visit for more related articles at Journal of Industrial Pollution Control. In many towns and cities exposure to air pollution is the main environmental threat to human health.

Environmental Pollution

Long time exposure to high level of toxic elements and small particulate matter in the air also contributes to wide range of chronic respiratory diseases, aggravates heart diseases and other types of particulates pollution, either on its own or in combination with SO2, leads to an enormous burden of ill health causing at least , premature death and 4 -5 million new case of chronic bronchitis each year World Bank, Due to increase of manmade activities, emission of particulate matters and gaseous matters have been rising over past decades, Expansion of industries and transport systems has made this situation more critical.

Hence in this context an investigation has been undertaken to assess the impact of air pollution on the health of human being at selected industrial areas. The present study was carried in Bommasandra and Jigani industrial areas during the period of Feb to May The study was conducted on human beings with an age group of 18 to 55 years.

In each industrial area about 60 to 75 persons were selected for survey; they were employers of different industries, shop owners and others. Questionnaires was used to get details like.

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Bangalore the capital city of Karnataka occupies an important position not only in the state but also in the country. It is considered as one of the major industrial, commercial and educational centre in southern India and also as Information Technology and Bio Technology centre. The city has taken dubious distinction of being the fastest growing metropolis in the country.

Due to its climatic conditions and strategic locations the city has drawn in a large number of both private and public sectors industries. About 40 to 70 persons, with an average age of about 35 years, who are exposed air pollution for about 10 hrs per day, and with no family history of breathlessness, were selected for the study.

Number and Detail

The Table 2 shows the details of features due to air pollutants. Similarly other effects of nose irritation about It can be concluded that, the effects of Suspended Particulate Matter and gaseous matter impacts on human being, who are staying in that area for about 10 years, problems like, eye irritations, skin irritation, and respiratory problems are common.

The employees of industries and others need periodic check up and they should be provided with preventive measures during work hours and awareness requires for public to take precautionary measures. The process it was submitted being a technical process involving chemical action, immediate and instantaneous results cannot be achieved and the system has to settled down, for which reasonable time has to be granted. The Madras High Court in their order dated 4th January, issued following directions:. While such testing operations are being carried out it shall be done in the presence of an official of the Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board.

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This portion of the order was stayed by the Supreme Court and the stay remained in force till The Supreme Court did not interfere with a direction passed by the Division Bench and granted extension of time to comply with the condition by three months, this extended period came to an end in January, Such of those units, who have failed to comply with the directions of the Division Bench, inspite of the extension of time granted by the Supreme Court shall be liable to pay fine at the rates fixed in paragraph 30 a i of the order passed by the Division Bench dated It appears that the contempt petitions are still pending before the High Court of Madras.

They have approached the Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board TNPCB seeking permission to permit them to commence operation of their plants, but then the TNPCB is maintaining stony silence and is not granting any permission consequently they are subjected to un-surmountable hardship and loss.

A prayer is made before this Tribunal, to direct the respondents to permit different Applicants to commence operation of their units as they have achieved zero liquid discharge level, and complied with other directions set forth by the Hon'ble Supreme Court and High Court. After receiving notice the respondents entered appearance and submitted their affidavits which are self 8 explanatory. In course of hearing Mr. Gautam Narayan and Anish Shah, Learned Counsel appeared on behalf of some of the villagers and made their submissions. We heard the Counsel appearing for different parties diligently.

Environmental Pollution

The trade effluent discharged by different units was admittedly treated through its conventional treatment system but the said system does not satisfy the total dissolve solids TDS limit of mg. The issue, had a chequered carrier and has travelled upto the Supreme Court and almost attained finality, in the meanwhile, in view of different directions issued by Hon'ble Courts. The only grievance of the applicant before this Tribunal is with regard to the dilli dally tactics adopted by the Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board in not permitting the Applicants to re-.

In course of hearing, however, it is found that the applicants have only approached the District Environment Engineer, Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board and requested the said Authority to inspect their unit and permit the applicant to resume operation.