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The same goes with my cousins. I am proud to say I am not only related to my family, but also friends with them. My next high point of the bucket list is starting my own family. Also, I want a pupper. I need a dog. The next one is kinda random. I want to experience a REAL supernatural occurrence. This is based directly on my disbelief in anything paranormal.

I love horror movies, especially ghost ones. I love all that kind of stuff and it fascinates me beyond my own comprehension. I would willingly move into the house where people were murdered because I know I could get it significantly cheaper. I say this in hopes that it may make the next tidbit of info about me a little less strange.

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I want to spend a night in an abandoned insane asylum in the hopes of finding paranormal activity. I fear people more than ghosts. I want to prove myself wrong I guess. The final point I want to reference from my bucket list is also quite random. So I would volunteer for the shortest roles with the least amount of time on the stage.

Until my one year, I took the initiative and applied for one of the five leads. Apparently, my performance stole the show and I was asked to return as the lead for the following year.

The Badger Catholic: Art of Manliness: 30 Days to a Better Man

Oddly, I said yeah. This is odd because I was a very different person at that age.

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I solemnly meandered through my life with my nose stuck in a book purposely being put-offish toward anyone who bothered to acknowledge me. For the next few years, I always played the lead with my own solos. Then I hit puberty and my singing voice was permanently ruined. My final bucket list point is singing for a professional real song. I guess I just want to fulfill my biggest dream of being a singer and this is the only way I could do that.

I have an odd chance coming my way soon and this may be the first major bucket list thing for me to finish.

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Read the original blog posts Here. Grab the eBook Here. How to give yourself a testicular exam. How to give yourself a breast exam. DAY Make a meal self. Day Write a Letter to Your Father self. DAY Declutter your life self.

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DAY Create a bucket list self. DAY Testicular Exam self.

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DAY Memorize "If" self. Day 4: Increase Your Testosterone self.

Day 5: Whom do I need to forgive?

DAY 2: Shoeshine self. My 30 day Regimen self. Easy tutorial on how to shine your shoes with pictures wikihow.

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